Art that I just kinda go wild with! Super wide array of styles and techniques here that I often can't replicate exactly so I can't garuntee that I can match anything seen here!

Think of it like a gacha roll -- I can only give vague categories for these.

See the ROUGH pricing here for a ballpark on how things like halfbodies n bgs etc will be priced for examples with no setprice.
Click to open fullres images of these to see the textures better! Res will vary from piece to piece.

FRIED ($65-$100)

Sketchy stuff that I deepfry half to death using pasta technology

TEXTURED ($45-$125)

Textured similarly to my paper comms except I do whatever I want

3D BG [ $105 ]

I pull taffy out of 3D shapes for your oc to chill on

PAPER [$55 - $80]

Mimicking the feel of construction paper art but very very greebled


I destroy the rules of pixel art with rpg mockups (click to open)

FAKE PIXEL... TWO! [$55]

Still destroying the rules of pixel art but this time it's not in color


Similar to textured except More, good luck


I smudge around colors vaguely in the shape of your oc

Rainbow Silhouette [$45 - $90]

BW comm but I make it preetyyyy with random colors and possibly other effects such as "paper cutout" or glitching