Oh, you wanna know about THAT relic? Got quite a story -- it's considered Ourojoy's greatest failure, heh!

Pick a printblock!


<b>Treat:</b> Archkube<br><br>

Who took all the king's horses and all the king's men?
Adopted by Clorbba


<b>Treat:</b> Cortextract<br><br>

Every footstep whispers. It's hard not to believe everything it says.
Adopted by SlyDante


<b>Treat:</b> Eyecontact<br><br>

Are you facing me now? The ball can move miles from is body.
Adopted by Percy


<b>Treat:</b> Silicoroon<br><br>

Being near generators is a bad idea! It's like a radio in your head when it speaks.
Adopted by Twin


<b>Treat:</b> Operatives<br><br>

The perfect companion, at your service! Just watch the colors. Keep it busy. It'll spread.
Adopted by Auspice


<b>Treat: Glyprint </b><br><br>

One head sees, the other speaks. Each has it's own venom, which is the cure for the other's.
Adopted by Jeroochi

They didn't sell much of the thing -- broke too easily, clunky controls, TERRIBLE materials! I mean, the piece of junk overheated if you LOOKED at it wrong! Got all soft, it was gross.

Most of 'em disappeared over the years, probably giving some landfill out there company...hell, wouldn't be surprised if a few old moon stations had 'em layin' around left behind when that whole bug fiasco happened. Maybe aliens'll pick one up and go "wow, these are crap!" HAH!

Though...it had a few games I really liked as a kid... only had a couple, played the HELL outta them -- you ever hear of Printcubic? Thing gives me nostalgia chills just THINKIN' about it, it was fun!

All the little uh...the little guys you could collect were all different, every single one of 'em! Never got bored of hatchin' more from their little cube things...

Nah, it's fine - never ran into anybody who'd played it before, either. Must've had only a few runs printed or something...I'd kill to play it again though, y'know?

No, n-not...not really, it's an expression. Why....why're you askin'?

...Tell me where.